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Tracing your family tree..

These days there's plenty of advice available on tracing your family tree - especially on record sources such as Birth, Death, & Marriage (BDM) records & Census Records.

Census records
Census records are particularly useful in that they "capture" a whole family unit, as a 'snapshot' on the census night.

The following links summarise details of Clemitson entries in the following censuses. Please note that because of the inherent problems in converting handwritten documents to an indexable format, it is possible for entries to be overlooked.

Please also see the site disclaimer.

Summaries of `Clemitson` entries in the following UK censuses are available, as below

Thomas William Clemitson's Family's entry on the 1881 Census   Thomas William Clemitson's Family's entry on the 1881 Census

Useful websites
There are numerous websites offering access, sometimes requiring a subscription, to BMD records, Census records, & Parish records.

It is worth mentioning that in the UK, many libraries offer free access to the more well known commercial websites.

In addition, the following websites, which are also free of charge, are also particularly useful.

  • the 'Free BMD' site - a transcription of the BMD records since 1837, very extensive, but not yet complete

  • the LDS (Mormon Church) website - a very good source for pre-1837 Birth (ie Baptism) & Marriage records, and other various records, as transcribed by members of the Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (LDS).

  • the Historical Directories website – a University of Leicester project, which has a 'selection' of various trade/street directories over the years. Not complete coverage, but very useful nevertheless.