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Coats of Arms

The concept of a ‘Coat of Arms’ arose in about the 12th century, around the time of the Crusades.   A knight dressed in armour from head to foot could not be recognized by friend or foe, so a new method of identification became necessary.   This resulted in special markings being painted on the knight's shield, and the markings were also embroidered on the tunic (ie Coat) he wore over his armour.

A Coat of Arms was not awarded to a family or a name, but to an individual, but the design was also used as a uniform for the servants of the household.

Nevertheless, a coat of arms is useful to illustrate a genealogical tree, as in this case - using the Clementson coat of arms (source: Fairbairns Crests of England), and adding a motto, attributed to Jacques Coeur, 1395 - 1456.

More on Coats of Arms

The Description of the Coat of Arms in heraldic terms is –
'Argent on a chevron azure three wheat sheaves or.
Crest : An arm from the elbow proper vested paly gules and or, cuff counterchanged, holding a palm branch proper '

Putting the Coat of Arms to good effect
Jean Bullimore, sister of Ivor Clemitson, used the Clemitson coat of arms, as a cake decoration for her family reunion in 2005.