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The Family Tree ...

Much of the research was done in the period 1978-1982, and the results displayed on a paper Family Tree, drawn on A1 size (841 x 594 mm) paper. As well as copies to the various correspondents who had helped with research, copies were also deposited with

The Society of Genealogists, where it is stored in their Surname Document Collection

The Northumberland County Archives, where it has been accessioned under the reference NRO2500.

[The S African branch do not appear on the printed tree, as there was insufficient room to add them, after the tree had been drawn.]


In recent years, the data in the family tree has been input into a proprietary Family History software package, and are available here, as a series of webpages.

Extended Family

Over time naturally enough, I have accumulated a variety of information on many (but certainly not all ..) of the various maternal lines, and the web-based version of the tree includes the extended family tree, where available.

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