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Branches of the Clemitson family tree

In genealogical terms, there are three branches of the Clemitson family tree.

Tree showing early Clemitsons:- 1647 ~ 1800

Descendants of

1. ~ Robert Clemitson b.1771

2. ~ John Clemitson b.1770

3. ~ John Clemitson b.1782

Extract from Hexham Abbey records.

Branches 1 & 2 - Robert, b. 1771, and John Clemitson, b. 1770, were both children of Thomas Clemison and Margaret Maugham, who were married at Hexham, Northumberland in 1763.

Through them, their line goes back to William Clemen(t)son, who married Margaret Hesloppe in 1647 at Hexham.

The descendants of 'branch 1' are more numerous, and are spread across the UK, and also include the S African and Canadian branches of the family.

The descendants of 'branch 2' reside mainly in the North of England.

John & Eleanor Clemitson and family, from 'branch 1', outside Finney Hill Farm, Northumberland, 1852.

Branch 3 - Cumberland & Kent - The name Clemitson was also prevalent in Cumberland in the 18th & 19th century, though very few with this spelling have come through into the 20th century.

'Branch 3' stems from John Clemitson of Brampton near Carlisle, b.1782. His sons, Edward & Peter subsequently moved to the Home Counties, with Edward settling in Wrotham, and Peter in Debenham in Suffolk. Edward died in 1857, and is buried in St Mary Churchyard, Stansted, Kent.  This branch is unconnected with branches 1 & 2, and there are now few remaining Clemitsons in this line.

Tree showing early Clemitsons:- 1647 ~ 1800