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Anno Domini 1647 ...

Extract from the Hexham Abbey records, for Marriages for 1647-49, showing the entry for William Clemen(t)son and Margaret Hesloppe on 10th August 1647 (line numbered 8).

The volume in question covers marriages from 1579 to 1700, and was held in Hexham Abbey until around 1992, when the records were transferred to Northumberland County Archives for safe keeping.

Note the caption Marriages Ao Dm (Anno Domini) 1647. The "year" covered the period 25 March 1647 (Lady Day) to 24 March 1648. This was the practice, until the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1753, when the years then "ran" 1st January - 31 December, as currently.

Extract from Hexham Abbey records by kind permission of the Rector and Churchwardens of Hexham