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The Family Tree on the Web ...

The family tree is displayed on the web, using the GEDmill software application. This lists one page per individual, with a mini-tree covering 3 generations. In addition there is also an Index to Names and a Help screen

How to get started
Click on Index to Names, then select the name you're interested in, to see the details. Click on any of the highlighted names, either in the mini-tree or in the narrative, for the next individual.

Gedcom file
The data for the Clemitson Family Tree is based on a GEDCOM file, which is available on application, if you prefer to load it into your own Family History program.

Limitations & exclusions
Privacy - in this day & age, there is understandably a concern about data protection & privacy. With this in mind, living individuals born in the last 50 years have been excluded from the tree, as far as possible.

This figure is a compromise between usability, and privacy. Please contact the author if this causes you any difficulty.

What is a GEDCOM file ?
The GEDCOM standard is a 'de facto' standard format for genealogical files. You can open a gedcom file using a program such as Notepad, though generally it is best viewed using either a proprietary Family History program, or a Gedcom reader.

Incorrect/incomplete information ? Please feel free to contact the author.

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